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TKA plays palindrome in the auditorium of Concordia’s exhibition space, Langestraat 56.


Concordia Langestraat
Langestraat 56
7511 HC Enschede, Nederland
053 - 430 09 99
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Palindrome (EN)

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27-02-2020 08:02 05-03-2021 08:03 Amsterdam Palindrome (EN) Concordia Langestraat, Langestraat 56, 7511 HC Enschede


Each day we present ourselves to the outside world - but is this appearance really who we are, or is it merely a shell, a masquerade? Can we define the thin line between acting and being real at all?
If we perceive people as actors: our personality is a persona, an actor putting on different outfits on which the spectators project the character. As we repeat our role again and again and again, we will eventually become what we tell.
These are the ingredients of Palindrome. A trippy theatrical performance in which music and visual art guide you as much as the actors. Sharpen your senses and come to see it for yourself!