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Festival: FREE
Workshops: € 5,55
The Overkitts: depending on where you live! check

Stationsplein 1
7511 JD Enschede, Nederland
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The Overkill festival – ONLINE EDITION

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27-11-2020 07:11 26-02-2021 03:02 Amsterdam The Overkill festival - ONLINE EDITION Sickhouse, Stationsplein 1, 7511 JD Enschede

The Overkill

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The Overkill Festival is going fully online in their research for a better future!

The unique festival The Overkill, is coming LIVE to your living room for a full TEN days! From the 27th of November to the 6th of December, this Enschede (NL)-based festival is going completely online to show you an incredible collection of games, movies, music, performances, VR and interactive art!

This last year was one of intense challenges. Thankfully, we found a spectacular way to deal with this and we created an online experience that you've never seen before. AND! You don't have to travel a mile. The only thing you have to do is write in your browser! There you'll find the portal that brings you to our three 'main stages' of the festival:

The online exhibition is a 24/7 open virtual space, designed by The Rodina, that you can explore freely with just your mouse and arrows. In this playful environment you'll find, among others, a video version of Treehugger, a work by Marshmallow Laser Feast, in which the artists encourage the viewers to reconnect with nature. Also, there will be a video by Eva Papamargariti, made especially for this festival, works by Theo Triantafyllidis & Sun Araw and Natasha Tontey, and games like Tonight we Riot and Spinch! And, of course, many other artworks, videos and games!

After this tour, you will obviously be craving some social interaction. No problem at all, just visit our virtual hangout. In this space, you'll find all our live-events! You can join the opening performance Songs of Cyborgoise by BBB_, interact with live gaming by Alistair Aitcheson, enjoy a digital algorave, and participate in a variety of workshops, including Danielle Brathwaithe-Shirley, the brains behind Black Trans Archives. Furthermore, you'll find performances by AAA Software, among others, as well as a symposium curated by Patyt Reyes, where she invites artists, activists and thinkers to discuss new realities. The virtual hangout is THE spot to meet others! You can join through your browser, or -if you have it- a VR-headset.

You can also view the livestream of all our events on Youtube and/or Twitch throughout the festival, and join our chat!


The festival areas are accessible for free! But, to really get the full experience, we'd recommend you to buy one of our Overkitts! These will be delivered to your doorstep and come in two types: the small, which contains all the necessities to enjoy our Cinema Obscura movie program, and the large, which contains the small Overkitt AND a festival goodybag.

Workshops: € 5,55
The Overkitts: depending on where you live! check

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