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Ivan de Wolf

I am a 3D artist, film director, and studio manager at Tiny Giants and New Imaging. At my studio, we focus on creating digital content using 3D, film, and animation for various domains including commercial, education, and social impact.
Storytelling is a crucial element in understanding concepts and topics, as it enables explanations to be easily understood and felt through chronology. When it comes to complex and difficult social topics, I believe that by using storytelling elements effectively, these topics can be easier understood, resulting in better discussions between the parties involved.
As a generator, I am determined to have storytelling become more integrated into Enschede's culture and art scene, whereby I would try to host activities that involve people to enable storytelling through their artworks and social discussions. These activities will have 3D and film involved, as it is not only my expertise, but they are also emerging industries that are perfect catalysts for providing storytelling techniques.