How working at Tetem is reshaping an employee’s professional mindset

During my induction at Tetem, the director of this development institute called for a meeting to talk to me and my colleague (another inductee at the same time as me) about Tetem’s approach to marketing and decision-making. This meeting sparked my memory of John Mackey’s book Conscious Capitalism. In his book, The Whole Foods ex-CEO and cofounder advocates for a […]

By thinking about the online exhibition Playbour City Engines, we realized that we want to look at finding ways of designing interfaces and interactions between the digital and physical world. Our intention is not to be merely focused on the online environment. We don’t want to "escape the reality” of what is going on - politically, economically and socially - we wish to stay in this challenging position of artists reflecting the current situation.

The Rodina, ontwerpersduo

As a theory teacher at Willem de Kooning Academy one of the ways I teach is by seeing art. Looking and experiencing is a key part of art education. During the current pandemic, this has become extremely complicated. Tetem and the whole team (robot included) have provided a rare opportunity to see art and interact with a great art space while staying safe. While the students can't be physical at the space we can still share the collective experience together and discuss theoretical ideas while looking at art.

Eden Mitsenmacher, docent Willem de Kooning Academie

Sinds kort ben ik als ZZP-er verbonden aan Tetem. Wat een fijne, enthousiasmerende instelling! Kunst, techniek en ethiek komen hier op verrassende wijze samen. Als 50-jarige ben ik op latere leeftijd begonnen aan computers, gadgets en apps terwijl onze jeugd al swiped in de kleuterklas. Nu ik bij Tetem werk zie ik in al die nieuwe technieken mogelijkheden die ik in mijn kunstpraktijk zou kunnen gebruiken. Ik hoop en verwacht dat het voor de jeugd ook zo werkt.

Danielle Spoelman, kunstenaar