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Publiceerdatum: 20 maart, 2023

Interview with artist Bianca Carague about her practice and her exhibition in Tetem: "You also had an exhibition last summer in Tetem (Enschede, Netherlands) called ‘Gen C: Children of 2050.’ What was special about it? It was an exhibition about the future of children. After doing research on climate change, I came up with four different kids that could exist in the year 2050 and how their lives might be different in the future because of the climate crisis. I focused on technology, education, and family. With four main themes, I designed children's bedrooms so that visitors would experience what it would be like to be a kid in 2050 by going through the exhibition."

Read the full interview here.

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Aavisie: Maakdag Festival in de Bibliotheek in Almelo

De Maakdag Festivals vinden in Twentse bibliotheken plaats, of bijvoorbeeld een theater of museum. Zo ook in Almelo op woensdag 1 en zondag 12 mei! Tijdens de Maakdag Festivals kan je ook meedoen aan een selectie van verschillende inloopactiviteiten en workshops. Bekijk de hele video hier.