The MagPi interview Dries Depoorter

Blog post en interview met Dries Depoorter op The MagPi over zijn nieuwe werk The Trophy Camera: This Trophy Camera only takes award-winning shots. With a Raspberry Pi inside, this camera uses AI to detect if shots captured are award-worthy. “The idea for the camera came from a concern for the development of repetitive visual and aesthetic strategies in photojournalism,” says Max Pinckers, the other half of the Trophy Camera team, who is currently researching tropes in photojournalism for his PhD at the School of Arts in Ghent. “Press photography appears to be becoming a self-referential medium dominated by tropes, archetypes, and pop-culture references. The Trophy Camera is on display in Tetem in The Netherlands until 30 July.” Lees verder

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Tetem in Magazine van het Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

Een film over nanorobotjes die kleding om je lichaam spinnen, schoenen met plateauzolen van eendenschedels, elektronische tatoeages die over je lichaam lopen, een jurk ingekleurd door bacteriën en een filmpje van iemand …